Artist Eva Breitfuß Transports Us and Expands Our Consciousness
Art Review

Eva Breitfuss, known as Eva Breitfuß, is a contemporary artist whose paintings transport us on an
enthralling, multi-dimensional, visceral journey of transcendent self-discovery.

A profusion of abstract styles culminates in her versatile artistic vocabulary. She orchestrates minimal and
reductive imagery and open spaces as well as geometric shapes, detailed designs, and intricate
compositions. Every line, color and shape she chooses reflects a purposeful intention to communicate
conceptual breadth and depth.

With unerring prowess, Eva lures us into spacious orbits, curvilinear forms, concentric circles, undulating
waves and crossing directional lines. Her images release an exalted crescendo and emanate a profound
vibrational energy.

Eva’s stylistic symbolism is reflected in elements that suggest realms related to the microcosm and
macrocosm. A semblance of repetitive patterns evoke imagery associated with the mysteries of quantum
physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. Molecular forms suggest we are witnessing the miracle of
primordial particles and the process of life and matter being formed.

The healing attributes of Eva’s images induce a palpable meditative repose. Her forms, shapes and hues
seem to pulsate in harmonious synchronicity with our breath and our heartbeat. Visually and mentally they
exude a spatial depth that stretches into infinity.

Eva’s titles serve as clues, metaphors and messages. They reveal her inspiration, spiritual intentions and her
desire to expand and deepen our awareness. Her art is a profound narrative expression based on her
personal spiritual growth which she generously shares with us.

As conscious and conscientious humans we aspire to attain the power of wisdom and self-renewal and Eva
Breitfuß offers us the keys that unlock that power for us to explore, discover, and evolve.

Renee Phillips, Manhattan Arts International and The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS, New York, NY

eva breitfuß – art of presence . leopoldstr.71 . 90349 nuremberg . germany .

Eva breitfuß – Art of presence
L’artista Eva Breitfuß ci trasporta ed espande la nostra coscienza

Rassegna d’arte

Eva Breitfuss, nota come Eva Breitfuß, è un’artista contemporanea i cui dipinti ci trasportano in un viaggio
coinvolgente, multidimensionale e viscerale alla scoperta di sé trascendenti.

Una profusione di stili astratti culmina nel suo versatile vocabolario artistico. L’artista orchestra immagini
minimali e riduttive e spazi aperti, ma anche forme geometriche, disegni dettagliati e composizioni intricate.
Ogni linea, colore e forma che sceglie riflette l’intenzione di comunicare ampiezza e profondità concettuale.

Con abilità infallibile, Eva ci attira in orbite spaziose, forme curvilinee, cerchi concentrici, onde ondulate e
linee direzionali incrociate. Le sue immagini sprigionano un crescendo esaltante ed emanano una profonda
energia vibrazionale.

Il simbolismo stilistico di Eva si riflette in elementi che suggeriscono regni legati al microcosmo e al
macrocosmo. Una parvenza di schemi ripetitivi evoca immagini associate ai misteri dellafisica quantistica,
della chimica, della biologia e dell’astronomia. Le forme molecolari suggeriscono che siamo testimoni del
miracolo delle particelle primordiali e del processo di formazione della vita e della materia.

Gli attributi curativi delle immagini di Eva inducono un palpabile riposo meditativo. Le sue forme, i suoi colori
e le sue sfumature sembrano pulsare in armoniosa sincronia con il nostro respiro e il nostro battito cardiaco.
Visivamente e mentalmente emanano una profondità spaziale che si estende all’infinito.

I titoli di Eva sono indizi, metafore e messaggi. Rivelano la sua ispirazione, le sue intenzioni spirituali e il suo
desiderio di espandere e approfondire la nostra consapevolezza. La sua arte è un’espressione narrativa
profonda basata sulla sua crescita spirituale personale che condivide generosamente con noi.

Come esseri umani coscienti e consapevoli aspiriamo a raggiungere il potere della saggezza e del
rinnovamento di sé ed Eva Breitfuß ci offre le chiavi che sbloccano questo potere per esplorare, scoprire ed

Renee Phillips, Manhattan Arts International and The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS, New York, NY

eva breitfuß – art of presence . leopoldstr.71 . 90349 nuremberg . germany .

eva breitfuß – art of presence

Eva Breitfuß was born in Erlangen, Germany and currently resides in Nürnberg, Germany. She also lived
and worked in New York, from 1999 – 2005.

Eva is internationally recognized for her “Art Of Presence”. Primarily a visual artist, her artistic expression
extends to different modalities of movement and working with others “who long to enter the vast space of
Consciousness and connect with their own soul.”

The artist is represented by the historical Galleria d’Arte Mentana in Florence, Italy, Art Screen TV Gallery,
Switzerland and Artio Art Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and
group exhibitions worldwide including those held at Louvre Museum in Paris, France, the MEAM (European
Museum of Modern Art) in Barcelona, Spain, London, United Kingdom, Florence, Venice, Milan, Matera,
Lecce in Italy and New York, Miami, Los Angeles in the USA.

Eva’s many awards include “The International Art Prize Leonardo Da Vinci ‘The Universal Artist’ 2022&
2023“, “The International Art Prize Caravaggio ‘Great Master of Art’ 2022“, “The International Art Prize
Donatello 2023”, “The International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts“, “The International Prize Michelangelo
2023“, Premio ZEUS ‘Il Re degli Dei Olimpi’ 2022 and The High Recognition of visual arts “MEDUSA“ 2023,
awarded by Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo. The Premio ‘Oscar della Creatività’ 2023, the 1. Premio
‘Protagonisti Dell’ Arte’ 2023 and the Trofeo Artista dell’Anno 2024 among others.

She received the Museum Certificate of the Pinacotheca, Museum of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 for participation in the Luxembourg Art Prize.

Several publications have featured Eva and her artwork including the published “Interview with Eva Breitfuß”
in Art International Contemporary Magazine and ART ON WORLD an International Magazine of art and
nance and several volumes of the Magazine Contemporary Celebrity Masters. Her artwork was part of the
Art Book SEGNALATI LONDON, which she was selected with one of her works for the cover. Eva’s art is
published at the Art book ARTISTI 2023 and 2024 (Annuario Internationale D’Arte Contemporanea), CAM
59/2023 (Catalogo Dell’ Arte Moderna) and the Special Edition ‘New York 2023’ of ATLANTE DELL’ ARTE
CONTEMPORANEA – Atlas of Contemporary Art, published by Start Group Corporate Patron of The
Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Eva’s art has been acquired for several international private and corporate collections such as the Collection
and Foundation of Marianne and Hans Friedrich Defet and Da Vinci enterprise.

She is a member of the invitational Associate Artists Gallery of Manhattan Arts International, an organization
that promotes artistic excellence based in NY USA and a Honorary Associate Member 2024 of the Academy
‘Italy in Art in the World’ Cultural Association.

eva breitfuß – art of presence . leopoldstr.71 . 90349 nuremberg . germany .

eva breitfuß – art of presence
Artist Statement

“My intention is to inspire an opening to consciousness, to presence and greater awareness. Whether
understood or not, we each have the capacity to awaken to our own soul. My work is an expression of that
truth. My paintings are an invitation. Regardless of the medium, Consciousness is at the center and I begin
there. In the paintings, I start from the center of concentric circles, structures and lines. Though seemingly
simple, it is the quintessence of a greater reality, quiet yet dynamic. I feel it as visual poetry where color and
texture can transmit feelings, emotions and energy. Much can be expressed with only lines, dots and the
silence between them. Color is of prime importance in my work. It represents the light reflected in each one
of us. Every painting arises from the center of being, from a stillness that is dynamic, alive and vibrant.
My paintings are very personal expressions. Yet, at the same time, they are an attempt to get closer to the
soul of who we are at our most essential level.“

eva breitfuß – art of presence
Exhibitions/ Events


Presentation of the ATLANTE DELL’ ARTE CONTEMPORANEA / Published by Start Group Corporate
Patron of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA

Galleria MentanaIndividuazione internazionale, FLORENCE,ITALY


Galleria MentanaTOLOMEO GALLERY, Proposte Contemporanea, MILAN, ITALY




Galleria Mentana / Mostra Orizzonti Contigui, December 9 to 30, 2023, Florence, Italy


Atelier – Galeriehaus Defet – Offenen Ateliers und Galerien Open Studio, Nuremberg, Germany

Exhibition “ LOVE PEACE HOPE, Manhattan Arts International, NY, USA

in Arte nel Mondo, Associazione Culturale, Lecce, Italy

1. Premio PROTAGONISTI DELL ARTE 2023, ArtExpó Gallery, StarHotels GrandMilan – Saronno, Italy

Mostra Orizzonti Contigui, Galleria Mentana, Milan, Italy

The project Leaders Protagonists of Art at Washington, Washington, USA

Digital Exhibition on the MAG Montreux 2023 – November 2023 – Montreux, Switzerland

ARTE PADOVA 2023 Contemporary, Padova, Italy

Digital Exhibition on the Florence Biennale @Art Screen TV Gallery, Florence, Italy

Premio “Oscar della Creatività” Montecarlo 2023, Principato di Monaco – Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort

eva breitfuß – art of presence . leopoldstr.71 . 90349 nuremberg . germany .

eva breitfuß – art of presence
NEW YORK INTERCONNECTING LINES International group exhibition, Artio Gallery, ONE ART

SANREMO Biennale ARTEXPO, Exhibition at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, Italy

CITIES OF THE WORLD PARIS Monteoliveto Gallery, Paris, France

The Healing Power of Elements Exhibition, Manhattan Arts International, NY, USA

Sur la Route #2 – Internal Borders, Monteoliveto Gallery, Napoli, Italy, exhibition on bike through Italy

Michelangelo Art Prize and Star of Art and Market 2023, Teatro Italia, Rom, Italy

ZEUS ‘Il Re degli Dei Olimpi’ AWARD / EXHIBITON, Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo, Teatro Politeama
Greco, Lecce, Italy

FREIHEIT – OPEN HOUSE, Atelier und Galeriehaus Defet & Open Studio, Nuremberg, Germany

ART BASEL 2023 HYPERION Hotel Basel, @Art Screen TV Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

“ARTISTI PROJECT” Exhibition/ Presentation of Artbook ARTISTI ’23, XIMENES PALACE, Florence, Italy

“The Healing Power of Color” Online Exhibition, Manhattan Arts International, NY, USA

The International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts and the official presentation of the project & catalogue TOP
ARTISTS – The Protagonists of Contemporary Art, Venice, Italy

F E N S T E R S C H A UAtelier-Galeriehaus Defet, Nuremberg, Germany, solo exhibition

The Leonardo Da Vinci International Art Prize – ‘The Universal Artist’ 2023 and the official presentation of
the project & catalogue / 50 Artist to INVEST IN / Guide to invest Art @Leonardo da Vinci Museum of
Science and Technology

Art Screen TV // Florence Biennale at the World Art Dubai international Fair in Dubai.

‘HER STORY’ 2023 online group exhibition Manhattan Arts International, NY, USA

DONATELLO International Art Prize and presentation/ CONTEMPORARY Celebrity Masters at the

“The Healing Power of ART Inspired by NATURE” online group exhibition, Manhattan Arts International,

For further exhibitions dates and information please visit the artist’s website.

eva breitfuß – art of presence . leopoldstr.71 . 90349 nuremberg . germany .

eva breitfuß – art of presence
Eva Breitfuß

Address:Artist Studio Eva Breitfußart of presence, Atelier-Galeriehaus Defet, Leopoldstraße 71,
90439 Nuremberg, Germany





eva breitfuß – art of presence . leopoldstr.71 . 90349 nuremberg . germany .

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