Harin Na

 https://www.instagram.com/wiseharin/ www.facebook.com/Naharincom

2015 Master of Fine Arts, Sook-myung Women’s University
2012 Bachelors of Fine Arts and Visual Design, Sook-myung Women’s University, Seoul
2007 Diploma, Deok-won Art High School, Seoul, Major in Oriental painting

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Excellent Clown(Art247, Seoul, S.Korea)
2017 Excellent Clown(KIMI ART, Seoul, S.Korea)
2016 5th solo exhibition(Samik Art Hall, S.Korea)
2016 Shining Shadow (Remain gallery, Seoul, S.Korea)
2016 Third solo exhibition (Indigo Place, Seoul, S.Korea)
2015 Persona (Cheong-pa gallery, Seoul, S.Korea)
2015 Concert nearby with Harin Na (Seochon gallery, Seoul, S.Korea)

Art Fair
2017 Wholesale Art Show (Art Gallery Cafe, Paju, S.Korea)
2017 Art Gift Show (Seaside Arden, Seoul, S.Korea)
2016 Art Basel Art Weeks – SPECTRUM MIAMI (SPECTRUM MIAMI, Miami, USA)
2016 Design Art Fair (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, S.Korea)
2014 ART SEOUL (Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, S.Korea)

Group Exhibitions
2018 The next big movement (Kimi Art, Seoul, S.Korea)
2018 I AM (Kimi Art, Seoul, S.Korea)
2018 Show case 2018 (Sungshin Women’s University, S.Korea)
2017 Young&Young Artist Project 5th “Hidden things” (YoungEun Museum, GwangJu City, S.Korea)
2017 Le vie dell’arte (Galleria Mentana, Firenze , Italy)
2016 Another Vagueness (Kimi Art, Seoul, S.Korea)
2015 Gwanghwamun International Art Festival (Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, S.Korea)
2015 Color on canvas (Mimesis Art Museum, Paju, S.Korea)
2015 Beautiful fate (Mir gallery, Daegu, S.Korea)
2014 JW Art Award (Art space H, Seoul, S.Korea)
2012 Insa Festival: Good choice, Artists of future (Ara art gallery, Seoul, S.Korea)
2011 Best of Graduate work in Seoul (Dongduck gallery, Seoul, S.Korea)
2010 Insa Festival: Good choice, Artists of future (Woorim gallery, Seoul, S.Korea)
2009 Les Genies de Sookmyung (Woorim gallery, Seoul, S.Korea)



<Daily Today, “Lee Aeri’s Picture Reading – Another ‘Me’ Hidden behind the Mask,” >

‘Persona,’ originated from the Latin word meaning the masks that actors and actresses wore on stage, means the social mask that individuals use to deal with what happens as they live in the society. To put it in easy terms, it is related to an individual’s role that the group expects and the individual’s awareness that the society demands. Actors and actresses experience a variety of jobs and lives through the roles with many different jobs and personalities. The result that the actor or the actress does his or her best in the assigned role brings a great popularity and success not only to the individual and the producers, but also, further, to the society. This will be the same not only for actor but also to ordinary people. People try to adapt to the society that they belong. They see the characteristics revealed by considering things, such as work, title, age, and family relations, as a part of ‘Persona’ and manage their facial impression with the face that the society wants according to each situation. The artist Na Harin shows the persona element that she realized during her early years of an actress’s experience, confusion, and wandering through clowns. Begun with self-portrait, she has been working to reflect the images of the modern people. She saw clowns as professional characters that hide their images and act with wit according to the surrounding circumstances, so the most ideal human character that the modern people pursue. Also, she represents the clown as a man with a amicable personality that both the society and an individual want by not being confused of self and persona and properly distinguishing them.

The work “Excellent Clown” series has the stand-out unique expressions of faces using various materials and brilliant colors. The expression technique presents even stronger images, realistic but each image being distorted, and through roughly, and sometimes delicately, expressed lines and letters, a concrete communication is expressed. She expressed the persona observed in the artist’s point of view with the elements that individuals in the modern society consider important, such as faces with various individualities, hair styles, eye colors, lip colors, etc. Yet, such personal images can be the persona that the society demands when seen differently.

The ideal human character that the society in the 21th century demands is an emotionally competent person with healthy and positive thinking and leadership. Especially, the artist Na Harin presents the process that people grow more in the flow of time and the changes in various situations, emotionally through her own unique clowns.

I expect the best persona that they want, another ‘Me,’ Superwoman, Capable Man, Yes Man, etc., rather than ‘Me under the mask.

-Lee Aeri (Ph. D. in Art / Professor at Hyupsung University, South Karea)



Harin Na


I draw clowns. Others say that I draw people and call them clowns. There were times, indeed, that I drew what people call clowns, white faced figures saddened but falsely cheerful. I draw clowns, people of our era.

In modern times, we want to become clowns, playing different roles to our situation. Specialization of professions, systemization of organizational structures and socialization through the SNS require us to carry out roles. We praise their capability to put different personas on their faces, and clowns, now being confident and competent, succeed in modern times. In this context, clowns are no longer the gloomy figure of Jean-Baptiste Deburau, nor a decoy, nor a dupe, nor a romantic hero, nor a witty subversive character. Clowns are now our ideal figure. They do not disguise anymore, for it has become natural for them to manipulate personas. Nor do clowns reveal the fact that they are playing roles. If they do so, it just means that they are not the real clowns. Perhaps, perfect clowns must not even realize the fact that they are clowns. This does not mean that clowns do not have individuality. Excellent clowns must possess his or her unique persona, again, required by modern society. This individuality can be manifested socially through make-ups, hairstyles, colors, etc.

I draw clowns. The works in my four series represent different types of people ‘called’ clowns. I intend to show how we are rather than how we should be.

The artist is represented by the Mentana art gallery in Florence, which follows the path at a professional level.

It is advisable to view its  personal web page  online at www.galleriamentana.it on our Shop-Online.