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Artista, Yvette van den Boogaard

Just YvetteL’artista Yvette van den Boogaard vive e lavora ad Biervliet, le sue opere faranno parte della rassegna ‘Le personali in collettiva ‘ presso la Galleria d’arte Mentana in Firenze dal 15 al 29  Aprile 2017.

This is the hard part: telling you about me! As soon as I find out who I am, I'll let you know! Born 19 September 1968 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be an artist and study at the Academy of Arts. I still have a photograph of myself at kindergarten creating some wonderful work of art. The expression on my face is extremely serious and focused. After a few years of fashion design in my teens I was admitted to the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague where I got my degree in Graphic Design in '94.

During my study I didn't design on a computer (as was the trend back then) but did all my designs by hand, drawn or painted in oil and ink, much to the approval of my tutors. Some of them even bought my designs slash paintings. After graduation I kept on painting, mostly on commission, up until 1998. At the time, I also worked with my boyfriend at our own design company.

Business was booming, so I continued to work as a graphic designer and never touched my paint brushes again.

Seventeen years later I renewed my love for painting, picked up my brushes and started creating again. In 2015 I started drawing and painting where I had left off, but in a more clean, figurative style, mainly anonymous human forms (or parts thereof) that expressed emotion through body language. From 2016 forward my work took a turn and became more abstract. My own emotions were becoming much more important. Inspiration comes from movies and music, which I HAVE to hear while I'm painting, over and over again. I'm on a quest for finding myself and creating is the best way to express myself. It's all about expressing. I like to experiment with various materials like (but not limited to) oil, ecoline, ink, (hand crafted) paper, glue, brushes, pens and palette knives. I love ink because is combines superbly with the speed with which I like to create. It has a certain leanness, transparancy and fluidity which allow me to create layers.

Gesso prepared paper is my favourite medium, preferrably glued or taped to a wooden panel. I'm currently living in Biervliet, The Netherlands.


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desolation . collage mixed med...
undressed blue shirt collage ...
undressed brown shirt collage...
legacy collage mixed media - ...

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