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Schmidt, Oezbakir, Uezelgecici, Serbest

claudia schmidt


Claudia Schmidt was born in Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany. After graduating from Zurich Business School, she continued her studies in London. She met with her husband Mustafa Serdar Üzelgeçici there. Their art relationship intersected here.  Coming from an artistic family, Claudia had always been interested in art. After completing her studies in London, Claudia returned to Zurich. The love of a partner brought her to Turkey in 1998. Claudia began to develop her skills by participating in various workshops and art classes, living in Adana and learning a different culture. Her early acrylic work was inspired by an old family album, and it involved transferring and interpreting on canvas images which reflected her family history. Her first solo exhibition 'Two Albums, Two Cultures' opened in Adana in 2014. In 2015, she founded the Gallery Schmidt in Zurich, Switzerland. The gallery participates in domestic and overseas exhibitions and fairs, involving its stable of artists in these events. Claudia has been accepted into many juried art competitions, frequently receiving an 'honorable mention'. The artist also has 2 awards.

Claudia is currently working under the theme 'Children and Colors'. With these works she aims to transfer the colorful world of children, and particularly girls, onto canvas.


Born 1966, Waldshut, Tiengen - Germany


Education: 1986-1987 City of London Polytechnic - England, 1981-1984 Zürich Trade School - Switzerland




rugul serbest


Rugül Serbest was born in İzmir in 1987. She graduated from the Painting Department of İzmir Dokuz Eylül University in 2012. Using her own body and face in her paintings, she focuses on issues such as women’s social position, female identity and the female image. Her works reflect the life of women who are usually at home and alone. In her works, patterns of fabrics, curtains, clothes, personal belongings, flowers and pets are key elements, which she use to depict her characters. While using herself as a model, Rugül Serbest aims to reflect a different woman in each composition, internalizing that person as she paints. She reflects different body language and emotional states, depicting ‘’The other’’, but at the same time exhibiting herself. Rugül Serbest has won eight awawrds and taken part in many national and international events.


Born 1987, İzmir - Turkey .

Education2012       Bachelor's Degree, 9. September  University  Buca Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Department, Turkey, 2016      Still continuing her graduate education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Painting.







mustafa s. zelgeici


The artist was born in Adana, Turkey, in 1957. He graduated from Yildiz Technical University Electrical Engineering Department in 1983, after which he went to London to continue his education. He has been influenced by the art of painting while living abroad and he has begun to work paintings due to the interest of this art since his childhood. He has participated in many mixed exhibitions and has also held two solo exhibitions.

The human factor is very important in Mustafa's paintings. In his own style of portrait paintings, he wants to reflect the effect that person has left in himself. In his works there are influences from fauvism, pointillism and cubism arts.

Mustafa likes to focus on different specific topics through his art. Previously his work, and that of his wife, examined the topic of 'Two photographic albums, two cultures'. He is now working on the theme of  'Children and colors'. Mustafa's works mainly consists of portraits of family members, rendered in oil on canvas.


Born 1957, Adana - Turkey

Education: 1990-1991 MSc St. Gallen University, St Gallen - Switzerland, 1985-1986 MSc City University, London - England, 1976-1983 BSc Yıldız Technical University, Electrical Engineer, İstanbul - Turkey





mustafa zbakir


Mustafa Özbakır (Adana, 1982) looks at the relationship between painting, photography, and cinema, focusing specifically on the films of Ingmar Bergman. He transforms scenes from films into art works by combining them with his own state on mind, his surroundings and anxieties. Özbakır, in a way, ‘’translates’’ films. By making his works, he participates in the transformation of ‘’reality’’. The artist works with themes of alienation, introversion, lack of communication, lovessness, dividedness, trying to evoke feelings of pain and experiences of human existence. The black and white faces in Özbakır’s paintings wait to be touched; he makes them visible with his art. He repeats what has been eternally copied by the photograph from his own perspective by painting, researching possibilities of new narratives through the simplicity of expression. Mustafa Özbakır received his undergraduate degree from Mersin University. Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Depertment. He has participated in various group and solo exhibitions in Turkey and abroad.


1982      Born in Adana in 1982.

2005      Graduated from Mersin University Faculty of Education Fine Arts Department.








I due Artisti Rugul Serbest e Mustafa Ozbakir vivono e lavorano in Turchia, gli Artisti Claudia Schmidt e Mustafa S. Uzelgecici vivono e lavorano sia in Svizzera che in Turchia .

''The two artists (Rugül Serbest and Mustafa Özbakır) live and work in Turkey and the other two artists (Claudia Schmidt and Mustafa S.

Üzelgecici) live and work Switzerland and Turkey.''


Gli Artisti vivono e lavorano in Turchia. In Italia sono rappresentati dalla Galleria d'Arte Mentana di Firenze.


Claudia Schmidt - Wallet
Mustafa Özbakir - Vargtimmen
Mustafa Serdar Üzelgecici - Gr...
Rugul Serbest - A small drama
Mustafa Serdar Üzelgecici - Gr...
Mustafa Özbakir - Vargtimmen
Rugul Serbest - A small drama
Claudia Schmidt - Wallet

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Claudia Schmidt, video

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