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Artista, Lilyana Petrova

Lilyana Petrova Lulu

Lilyana  Petrova  Lulu  was born in Sofia,  Bulgaria.

She  first  entered  an  art  studio when  she was  four  years old,  and  her artistic life started almost that very  day. She  followed  this  calling  throughout  her  education  and  in 1999 she graduated from the Sofia Art School, where   she specialized in painting.

Over  the  following  years,  she  studied  Fashion  and  Industrial  Design  at  the Academy of  Theatre in Sofia, took  an Apprenticeship  in  Ceramics,  and  graduated  with  a Bachelor’s  Degree in Graphic Design  at  New Bulgarian University.  In 2009, she completed her Master’s Degree in her original vocation of  Painting, also at NBU.


In the spring of 2005 in Sofia’s  Irida Gallery,  Lilyana  Petrova  Lulu held her first solo exhibition, entitled  “While They Were Sleeping “ –  constituting  mainly  portraits  and  landscapes presented in her  vivid style. That same year she created the company Lala Design Studio, where she is managing  shareholder, and the painting  school   Art  Studio LALA, for  children . The school would periodically organize  exhibitions of the work of the children who attended the classes, with halls rented at the Sofia City Gallery and in the lobby of Sofia Puppet Theatre.

Between  2006  and  2010, she participated  in  many  group  exhibitions  for young authors in Sofia, including several of the NBU and in competitive  exhibitions  for  young  authors, organized  by the Union  of  Bulgarian Painters at  their  "6  Shipka  Street" Gallery.

In the period 2007–08, she developed an overall visual and multimedia concept as the stage accompaniment to the music of the composer Simon Lazar. Lilyana and Simon jointly created the show “The Muse”, which enjoyed a great number of acclaimed performances in Sofia and in other cities  around  Bulgaria. The show  was  eventually  performed  internationally, and is still running in several  countries  to  the  present  day. The Muse opened  in  the  Spring  of  2007 in the Theatre Hall of the New Bulgarian University. With  this  multimedia  performance, Lilyana Petrova – Lulu won the award for Best Student Work, and several  months later she created an encompassing graphic elaboration on the same topic, which developed into her Bachelor’s Degree  diploma  thesis. Venues of  “The Muse “ include Sozopol  Theatre,  Sofia’s Night of the Museums, and in the grand Hall 3 of the National Palace of Culture during Art House Week.

In late 2008, she started developing costume designs for several television projects. Her work as assistant costume artist and stylist contributed  to the reality  shows  Dancing  Stars  and  VIP  Brother, the TV series  Floor  Property, and the celebrated 2014 Bulgarian feature film Rat Poison.

In the spring of 2012 Lilyana Petrova participated in a group exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery in London. This exhibition brought  her back  into painting  and  prompted  her  to create  a  number of paintings  combining  different  materials and techniques and opening a whole new world of perceptions and expectations.

In December 2014, she presented an exhibition titled “Beyond the Visible” at the Music House of Boris Hristov in Sofia with two other colleagues.

Throughout 2015–16, Lilyana concentrated mostly on personal projects and commissions. Among these is the creation of the character Lulu – the befreckled, red-headed little girl who has become Lilyana’s personal symbol and which she has used in the creation  of  an illustrated  book  entitled  The  Adventures  of  Lulu. Other  Lulu  projects  include  a  series  of  the little heroine stamped on clothes, shoes and bags, as well as paper dolls of the character.

In July 2017, Lilyana took part in an international  group exhibition  entitled  “Le Vie dell‘ Arte” in  Gallery Mentana in Florence, Italy. She created four paintings for this exhibition.

In September 2017 presenting by Gallery D’Arte Mentana, Lulu is taking a part in international exhibition “ Artistes Du Monde, Cannes.



In October 2017, Lilyana is invited for a personal  exhibition  entitled  “ The  stories  of    Lulu”  in  Gallery  Mentana  in  Florence, Italy.

For  that exhibition  she creates  a cycle of paintings  exploring  the  relationship  between  people  and God, between humanity and the soul, reason  and  the heart, ideas  and  actions, dreams  and reality, happiness  and  pain,  excitement and calm. The series focuses on  different  states  of  mind, and is  expressed  via  vivid  stories  in paint. These stories are especially interesting for the depth and  direction  of  the journey upon which they take the viewer, and the feelings and thoughts which they provoke. A simple experience  transformed  into  a  story  told  in  a surrealistic  style, able  to  send  the viewer away, alone with their thoughts, deep in the ocean depths or flying  freely among  the stars.

In December  2017, the artist  is invited  to organize  a solo  exhibition  entitled  “ The  stories  of    Lulu – Life in Paintings”  in  Russian Culture Centre   in  Sofia , Bulgaria.

As a result of  these  appearances,  Liliana  Petrova  Lulu  is  invited to participate in  the 2018 Art  Tour International  Top  60 Masters  of  Contemporary  Art.  She will  attend  the  official  awards  ceremony  on  27th  of  April  2018 at the New York Museum of Art and Design and her artworks will be published on the event’s catalog.

Lilyana’s  participation  in  these  exhibitions  set  the  foundations  of  a  new  cycle of  paintings  tracing the development of  the human being, our development and spiritual  realization.


A selection of Lilyna Petrova’s work can be seen at the following web addresses: Petrova lulu

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