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Artista, Janice Alamanou

janice alamanou

Janice Alamanou’s digital art photography portrays the sensuous perception of the human form with the fleeting beauty of nature itself.
Her life with photography began as a small child, capturing family moments and documenting certain tidal surges and natural coastal events on the shores of her Norfolk home.
Through time her love of the ‘actual’ that a photograph captures led her to specialise in landscapes and portraiture.
“Every place has an element of beauty, every person tells a story with just one look.” she explains. “I relate with the very core of my subjects and create and instil this within my photographs.”
All of Janice’s landscapes are ‘true scenes’ no skies or reflections are added. So in future years this work will be viewed primarily as art, but also as an archive depicting changes in environment, shorelines and cloud formation.
After several years of working in this way, her art began to evolve. “It seemed so natural to combine my two passions.” she says. Janice describes her most recent work as ‘Truly me - a new beginning of discovery, the amalgamation of many actual images to become perceptual artworks”.
As a self-taught photographer Janice’s skills have accumulated over years of practical experience. She is influenced by varied artists but is predominantly inspired by the subject matter before her. She became a qualified member of the BIPP, British Institute of Professional Photography, by the quality of her work and has won a Gold Award and Merit from them. Her other accolades include a MIFA (Moscow International Foto Award) in October 2014 and Winner of the International Modern Art Award 2015 at the Carrousel du Louvre with the PAKS Gallery.
Janice Alamanou exhibits in Galleries internationally, including London, Austria, Florence & Rome, Fitzroy (Melbourne) Australia, Paris, Barcelona and 2016:
1) Solo Exhibition at the Pennoyer Centre, Pulham Saint Mary, Diss, Norfolk. UK. 18th January - 18th February
2) ’Contemporary Fine Art Masters and Luxus', Vienna 5th - 13th March
3)’Woman’s Essence’ Contemporary Fine Art by Women at MUSA International Art Space, Milan, Italy 8th/9th/10th April
4) ’International Fine Art Cannes Biennale’ Cannes, France 18th/19th/20th May
2018: Solo Exhibition at The Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
Her artistic process begins with photographs that have minimal processing that would originally have been similar to a dark room production. She then combines multiple images, all of which are captured and created by herself, to form her digital art photography final image.
For Janice, her aim is to create feeling, passion and inspiration. She wants her photographs to become talking points and inspire debate. Her work realises the beauty and sincerity of the nude; simple, relaxed forms basking in light and shade and then combining with the elements of nature. These are images that affect the viewer and their perceptions about the meanings held within the piece. They are created to touch the soul.

Le opere   Genesis Elements -Water dell'artista  Janice Alamanou sono in esposizione  presso l'  International Modern Art Award 2015' at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France on 12th June 2015


l'opera "CLOUDLINE 6" sarà esposta al Palazzo Pontificio Maffei Marescotti dal 6 al 13 Giugno 2014

human nature - spring
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