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Artista, Alena Appel

alena appelAlena Appel, the young artist was born in 1992 in the Siberian city of Novokuznetsk. It is an industrial city, the location of metallurgy, mines, factories, harsh climatic conditions.  But is there a place for creativity, contemplation and productivity?

Alain Appel: "One cold January morning, as I was walking through Cologne and admiring the Cologne Cathedral, I got a clear understanding, that if God had sent my soul to be born on European land, here, where everything is close and everything is available to the eye, I wouldn’t now have cherished so much these moments of coming across those creative works of the great architects of the past centuries."

When she was 7 years, her life was filled with music and singing, then with the variety of dances including ball dances. Music School and choreography classes helped her improve the sensory perception of the world, the beauty of the interior and exterior. When she was 13, her decision to go to an art school was totally conscientios. During training, Alena participated in various international competitions and exhibitions. Feeling love for creativity and learning how to dissolve in it, she realized: her way was designated, and internal resources were open in order for her to be an artist and a designer of her own life.

In 2009, she moved to Krasnoyarsk, where she was living for six years.

She learned  the basics of academic drawing skills and painting at the Art Institute after I.V.Surikov, got a degree in "Graphic Designers" as an "Interior Designer" in "Siberian School of Design". She worked on houses projects and creation of interiors, filling them with her murals, reliefs, paintings.

Alena Appel: "Contrasts are everywhere: they are inside us and outside us. Those extremes to which we periodically fall into, give us emotions, feelings, and the composition of these bright events is called life..."

According to the artist, a kaleidoscope of life is made up of different things, thoughts, events, emotions, and you do not have to be afraid of it. Do not be afraid of pain and joy, ecstasy and laughter, tears and happiness - because these all are components of our own "me". So art should show different emotions and their manifestations: delight and sadness, to be on the surface and go deep down into the very core - the wider the range of perception you have, the more interesting life you get, the greater will the development of the soul be....

Working in a variety of styles and genres, the artist demonstrates the variety of techniques, she is interested in. Since mastering the basic skill of transferring nudity, Alena feeds her love and attention to the female image and the body, in particular, her favorite in the model’s image becomes the angle from the back, paintings "In half-turn", "The history of her body", "Relief".

In 2015, in Italy, on the coast of Reggio Calabria a series of paintings was born, in the genres of landscape and abstraction, such as "Harmonization", "Colors of the Storm", "The Joy of the Sea", "The volcano at sunset", "The abundance of fruits" and graphic sketches “Mare”, “Scilla”, “Bova”, the artist works in a state of deep meditation. Having fallen in love with the Italian land once and for all, she always returns there from the dynamic Moscow for inspiration. Traveling to Russia, Europe and Asia do not stop the work, creation of new sketches, drawings, paintings.

"I cherish the purest feelings for the world, people, cities, different cultures and traditions, diverse natural manifestations and man's inner world, you can feel it through the power of my work, where the contact with the audience is on the level of feelings, which is essential to my work, pouring my soul out, being accompanied by God .... "

Currently, Alena is actively working on the theme "The sensation of happiness", the bright colors are dominating in her works, dynamic composition collects the scenes of nature, birds, animals, and various sceneries. According to the artist, it is necessary to spend plenty of hours in the open air in order to feel the merge with the nature, animals and transfer this state into her works.

Also in her new series of works she is interested in esoteric studies and in reflection of the artist in the essence of man and his soul "Our polygon universe," which is going to be presented in the exhibition activities of the young, but dynamically developing Alena Appel.

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